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Bluehanded’s artist collaboration natural artisanal indigo textile pattern design.

artist collaboration textile pattern design artist collaboration textile pattern design textile pattern inspiration blue and white artist collaboration V&A London museum
Alex drew her inspiration from ceramics researched at London’s V&A museum
artist collaboration textile pattern design
Alex McKenzie hand painting the original textile pattern design ‘coffee, tea or me’


Alex McKenzie artist collaboration with Bluehanded to create a very east London design made using the ancient artisanal natural indigo dyed fabrics. This pattern is made for bedroom interior decoration so it has the them of what we do in bed. The botanical print is of the coffee, tea and rubber plant. The bee is for honey.

BLUEHANDED is collaborating with artist Alex McKenzie, to create contemporary patterns using the ancient techniques of hand dyed natural indigo.  East meets West, actually Stoke Newington East London meets ancient China.  We wanted to create patterns that could be used

Artist Alex McKenzie describes her pattern design for BLUEHANDED using hand painted designs that are then resist paste printed using ancient traditional methods of natural indigo dyeing. The pattern continues the theme of bedroom activities designed for bedroom interior decoration. The botanical print is of the birds and bees with apple and bramble branches creating a beautiful natural pattern

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  1. Janet castro

    Hi Alex. I am in the process of trying to design a textile trip to England. It will be for a small group of approximately 10 textile artist. Some are weavers, some felters, some garment construction. I have been admiring your work with indigo. I would like to know if you would consider doing a half-day or one day workshop with my travelers. The trip will be in 2020. I know that it takes a lot of preparation and advance reservation to set things up. It looks like you are in the London area. If you are amenable to this workshop concept let me know where exactly you are located so that I can work it into the itinerary . My initial belief is that the trip will be in the spring of 2020.

    • Indigo John

      Hi Jane,
      I would be happy to be part of your textile workshop tour. Our resist past textiles are not made in the UK though but are made by artisans in China using ancient methods and an indigo dye we can’t reproduce here. I would be happy to give a presentation on the fabric and how it’s made. We could also meet the artist, Alex McKenzie she could talk about her design process.
      Thank you,