Bluehanded Artisanal hand made indigo dyed fabric

Celebrating the 800-year-old art of Chinese resist printing, our comprehensive range of natural, hand dyed textiles can be incorporated into home interiors, fashion, accessories and bespoke designs. Working alongside our Indigo Master, we are dedicated to keeping this ancient art alive by making these designs accessible to today’s market.

Our exclusive collaboration with a small family business based in the heart of China, home to this time honoured technique, ensures our manufacturing process is true to tradition. The dying technique, which has been unchanged for centuries, involves applying traditional hand cut decorative patterns to natural cotton. Coating the fabric in soybean and lime paste, before soaking in specially formulated vat dyes, gives the timeless blue and white finish. Traditionally used as wedding gifts in the form of bedding and cloth bags, the patterns bestow auspicious wishes such as good luck, long life and wellbeing.

Our fabrics are customisable offering a bespoke service to designers. However, everything is uniquely handmade to order and we have over 50 design choices. We are passionate about using only locally sourced, natural ingredients, therefore all of our material is both ethical and sustainable.

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