Lan Yin Hua Bu Blue & White

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Lan Yinhua Bu Fabric, a traditional hand dyed fabric using scrape-paste and resist printing technology, was original from Tang and Song dynasty (year 618 – 1279), and was extensively used in the Ming and Qing dynasty (1368 – 1912). It is renowned for its fully hand-made craft, simple and natural beauty of its blue and white. It is divided into two types: white on blue pattern and blue on white pattern.

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Its exquisite craftsmanship and masterful carving skills makes them unique among the traditional dyeing methods. The richness of the patterns as well as the profound culture connotations, add to the charm of Lan Yinhua Bu fabric. The BLUEHANDED brand is committed to preserving this ancient craftsmanship of dyeing and develop the design’s usage in a contemporary way.