History of traditional cloth bags

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Until the middle of the 20th century, Cloth bags were used to store, protect and carry personal items. Particular to the Jiang Su province countryside were Lan Yin Hua Bu Bao Fu Bu, which means ‘Blue Calico Cotton Cloth Bag’

Indigo square cloth bag from the 1930's
Indigo square cloth bag from the 1930’s or earlier

The symbols in the centre of the cloth are of the phoenix and peony flower, which represent a man and woman. These bags were commonly given as wedding gifts of good luck and a long happy marriage. The butterflies in the corners with the couple many happy children.

These bags, were used by folding the corners and knotting them. The hand made ribbon was tied around the bag to secure it. It is rare to find a bag cloth with the original ribbon.

These indigo clothes were all handmade, from the cotton fabric looming to the resist paste stencil printed indigo patterns.

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