Pin Bu

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out to dry
out to dry


BLUEHANDED presents Pin Bu

Mandarin for ‘Patched Fabric’ is similar to Japanese ‘Boro’ & reminds one of the austere cultural   revolution days when there was little wasted

During these difficult times, the only this indigo fabric made, was for export to Japan. The patch   work, repair of something old, also represents the loss of ancient culture & efforts to keep it alive.

Antique fabrics are used to construct each unique scarf
Antique fabrics are used to construct each unique scarf


Hand crafted scarves made from new & antique indigo hand dyed cotton.  All hand stitched each piece is unique, combining the past & present.

Each scarf takes hours to create, combining the different ages, shades of blue & patterns to create a harmonious single piece of fabric.

Pure cotton natural indigo dyed will age like a pair of jeans over time and washing, adding to it’s character that becomes part of your life.


Antique Lan Yin Hua Bu


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