Geometric Pattern 053 ‘Twelve’ by Alister Shapley


Contemporary circular geometric pattern 100% natural cotton fabric.


Sold by the metre. One full roll is 7.5m long by 106cm wide. Pattern 100cm wide. 225 g/m2

Deep rich blue and white print using an authentic natural hand dyed indigo using resist paste technique. The Real Deal.

Twelve by Alister Shapley

Twelve is a grid-based pattern inspired by the element of water. In a truly east meets west design.

Alister draws a parallel between the the indigo-infused water dripping down from the dyed cloth back

into the vat as it emerges during production, and the droplets of rain falling to disturb the surface of

puddles in the streets of London. Both provide a contemplative rhythm to a way of life. For the indigo

Master in China engaging with their artisan craft and for Alister, the print-artist going about his daily

business in London.

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