Bluehanded Natural Indigo Face Scarf

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Bluehanded natural indigo face scarf has been created by converting our scarves and bandanas into domestic face masks. By pleating and stitching the fabric so it fits on the face comfortably and more securely than just wrapping a scarf or bandana around the head.

Natural Indigo dye 100% cotton face covering scarf. A versatile design that can be used as a reusable domestic fabric face mask or scarf. We have individually hand stitched the scarf to be comfortably worn as a general face covering.

For extra protection we recommend the use of certified masks under the scarf for full protection but this scarf can be used to protect your face in public. Stitches can be removed if no longer needed as a face covering to convert fully to a scarf or head covering. Made to order alternative patterns available.

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Artisanal hand indigo dyed, ‘Lan Yin Hua Bu’

Bluehanded natural indigo scarf-mask is made from 100% natural densely woven cotton (Weight 225GSM Weave 12s/14s ) with frayed edges and knotted ends for a raw natural look.  Our natural calico cotton is thick yet soft, comfortable and good for skin contact over long periods.

Traditionally 100% natural indigo has a natural anti bacterial quality.  We cannot guarantee that our scarves can have this continued antibacterial but natural plant dyes are better against the skin and to breath through then synthetic dyes. Google search on antibacterial effects of natural indigo here.

Hand-made, plant-dyed natural calico cotton with pattern created through an ancient method, by a traditional and recognised Indigo Master and his family, that uses hand cut Katazome paper patterns with a resist soy bean and natural rock lime paste technique. Please see our on line and instagram videos for how it’s made.

Because of these natural processes, and ethical practices this product is a sustainable fashion item.

You can learn more about the Lan Yin Hua Bu dyeing process here.

Care as a face cover:

Wash after each use in minimum 60 degree celsius. Avoid contact with unwashed hands.  Store in a clean sealed bag ( included in packaging).

As a scarf:

Wash with cold water and a light detergent before line drying. Do not bleach. Because of the deep rich blue of this artisanal hand dyed indigo, this piece will naturally age like denim, adding character.