Vintage Indigo Patched Scarf – HEWITT PIN BU SCARF J



Vintage indigo patched scarf: Antique indigo katazome textile with hand stitched boro patches.

Katazome is known as Lan Yin Hua Bu and Pin Bu is Mandarin for ‘Patched Fabric’. Patches are a mix of new and vintage indigo fabric. All natural indigo dyed using ancient resist paste techniques. All scarves and patches are hand cut and sewn. Each scarf is unique.

152cm Long x 35cm Wide


Vintage indigo patched scarf is made from Increasingly rare examples of Lan Yin Hua Bu can still be found in the country side villages, dating back 60 to 100 years.

The cotton was hand woven, which is no longer made and gives the cloth a unique texture and feel. The fading was achieved through the years of use and being hand washed on river stones.

Rectangular cloths: these were traditionally bed covers, often given as wedding presents or for children’s bedding. The symbols and designs were to wish long life, prosperity and a happy life together or good luck with the exams.

There are 2 styles of cloth pattern:

  1. Narrative pattern with symbols of good luck arranged with a central medallion

2. Repeat pattern with floral patterns or symbols of good luck

You can see more about our Lan Yin Hua Bu collection here

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