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Geometric Pattern 026 Coordinates Collection ‘Lattice’ Textile


Geometric Pattern 026 Coordinates Collection ‘Lattice’

Contemporary circular geometric pattern 100% natural cotton fabric.


Sold by the metre. One full roll is 7.5m long by 106cm wide. Pattern 100cm wide. 225 g/m2Deep rich blue and white print using an authentic natural hand dyed indigo using resist paste technique. The Real Deal.


BlueHanded co-ordinates provides a range of prints that can be used on their own, together, or as an accent to our artist-designed collections. Curated by John Abbate, BlueHanded’s founder, these prints have been chosen for their versatility and rhythmical simplicity.

Lattice lines is a geometric print that is at once both modern and traditional, eastern and western. The

lines weaving together in a lattice format reflects the lattice-work that is so predominant in eastern

furnishings and decorative arts both, historically and today. The diamond shaping through the peaks

and troughs of inter-woven lines is reminiscent of art-deco styling which creates a beautiful, fresh feel

to the design.

Create a striking scheme by combining fabrics, or savour individual prints as feature accents; for window treatments, home furnishings, upholstery and accessories.

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