Bluehanded at Bazar Ethical Marketplace

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Bluehanded at Bazar Ethical Marketplace is where you can buy and sell sustainable, artisan, ethical, pre-loved and eco-friendly products at Bazar Ethical Market Place. Chat and connect with like-minded community members.

Bazar Ethical Market Place is a single marketplace for artisans, micro-sellers and brands committed to ethical and sustainable products. By transforming the shopping experience for both consumers and sellers, our shopping App consolidates this fragmented marketplace, by delivering customer choice and market accessibility under one roof.

Bazar’s vision is to revolutionise ethical consumerism, enabling customers to explore and buy verified ethical, eco-friendly and pre-loved items within a few simple taps, in a unique single, interactive, social marketplace.


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About Bluehanded

Bluehanded at Bazar Ethical Marketplace offers exclusive, hand-crafted natural indigo soft furnishings & fabrics. Designed & curated in London; Asian artisan-made using ancient skills. Find out more about Bluehanded

Bluehanded was founded in 2016 by Retail Designer and consultant John Abbate. He had literally stumbled upon a vintage piece of Lan Yin Hua Bu Indigo fabric in Asia. John then discovered that the artisanal fabric is still produced by an indigo master. He brought the concept to the western world and sought collaborations with Artists who were fellow Indigo admirers.

These collaborations have led to some beautiful and meaningful quality products, which are handmade from start to finish. Indigo printing and textiles are produced using an ancient secret technique arising from the silk route and is brought to you today by Bluehanded who work with rare Indigo masters in Asia.

If you enjoy artisanal handmade textiles, then choose Bluehanded who are a stark alternative to the majority of the fashion sector which favours mass production and fast fashion.

About Lan Yin Hua Bu Fabric

Katazome in Japan is known as Lan Yin Hua Bu (Mandarin for “blue-printed flower cloth) in China, where it originates  is a blue grass (Indigo) stained dye fabric originating from over 800 years ago in China.

Designs are produced using the Katazome resist printing techniques, which use hand ground soya bean and rock lime, whilst hand-cut stencils are used to create the intricate patterns which are featured.

Bluehanded works closely with Indigo Masters of 50+ years’ experience, who are involved in every part of the design and dyeing process. In fact the name Bluehanded was chosen as the Indigo Master’s hands are permanently blue as a result of working with Indigo over many years. The Bluehanded logo is actually the indigo smeared hand of an Indigo master.

Product ranges

All Bluehanded at Bazar Ethical Marketplace products feature various shades of Indigo. All products available from Bluehanded, which you can buy on Bazar are:

  • Home Collection:
    • (Alex McKenzie collaboration) – bedding and table cloths collection in collaboration with London-based Artist Alex McKenzie
    • Alister Shapley Collaboration – a bedding and cushion collection with a grid-based pattern inspired by the element of water in collaboration with London-based Artist Alister Shapley
    • Co-ordinates – a bedding, cushions and table cloth collection featuring an attractive “wonky lines” design
    • Heritage – a collection of vintage designs in various finishes, patterns and sizes featuring curtains, cushions, home interiors, throws and more!
  • Indigo fabric made to order– buy by the metre with approximately 50 patterns to choose from
  • Menswear (Andres Ferrer De Armas collaboration) – a menswear collection from Shanghai-based fashion designer Andres Ferrer De Armas Note: this collection is now sold out but Bluehanded is interested in supplying apparel designers with the indigo fabric for their collections.
  • Accessories – a range of handmade to order Indigo-coloured accessories including bandanas, cravats, masks, pocket squares, scarves, etc.
  • Helen Chatterton collaboration – a collection of Liverpool and London scarves featuring Harris tweed and Indigo cotton in collaboration with Liverpool-based Textile Artist Helen Chatterton

Why are Bluehanded products ethical?

Bluehanded products are ethical in a number of ways:

  • Artisan – all products are handmade and preserve ancient indigenous and culturally significant cloth printing traditions
  • Made in Britain – many of the product range are handmade in Britain
  • Natural products – the dye used in traditional Lan Yin Hua Bu production natural and is made from indigo plants, water, soybean lime(calcium) and rice wine alcohol

Buy Bluehanded natural indigo accessories and support the Bazar Ethical Marketplace