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Antique Boro Indigo Katazome Cloth 48


Antique Indigo Katazome Dragon and Phoenix Cloth

Increasingly rare examples of Lan Yin Hua Bu can still be found in the country side villages, dating back 100 years. The cotton was hand woven, , which is why the cloth is divided into 3 hand stitched patterns. This particular cloth measures 200cm x 140 cm and is an unusual floral pattern. The cloth and indigo is in very good condition ad was not used very much, owing to it’s dark indigo colour

There are 2 main types of antique indigo katazome cloths:

  • Square: ‘Wrap cloths’ used to store and carry personal items were folded at the corners and tied together. A symbolic silk flying bat, sewn in one corner was a sign of prestige
  • Rectangular: these were traditionally bed covers, often given as wedding presents or for children’s bedding. The symbols and designs were to wish long life, prosperity and a happy life together or good luck with the children’s exams.

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